You will appreciate coming home at day's end to the calm and comfort of the 'The Vines' (Les Vignes) in the delightful small town of Merignac, Charente. Tourists and travelers alike will appreciate the ability to walk to the Boulangerie and the other local commerces that provide everything you might need for your stay. To finish the day, take a stroll with glass in hand to admire the sunset over the vine covered fields, mere steps away. You are in COGNAC Country!


As far as the eye can see Cognac vines spread out before you from the many vantage points around the Charente River Valley. This is the Grande Champagne, premier cru, the very best of the Cognac vine growing area. A total of 34,703 hectares make up this area. Step out and enjoy the activities offered in this unique area of France.


What could be more relaxing than exploring this wonderful area of France. Visit the famous Cognac Houses the likes of Frapin ( in Segonzac or Courvoisier in Jarnac ( all of them a few minutes drive away. Relax on the terrace, take a stroll around Merignac Village (Charente) or walk through the vines. The choice is yours.

The Vines is located at 1 Rue des Trois Cornieres, Merignac, Charente, 16200, France. La Maison du Bonheur, 4 Place de Port, Bourg-Charente 16200, France. La Maison de Riviere, 2 bis Place de Port, Bourg-Charente 16200, France.


All located within 2 minutes drive of N141.

In the heart of Grande Champagne and Fin Bois, Cognac Country.

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